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Please find below the answers to some commonly asked questions.

Du Zhong has a long expiry date. Please check the side of box for your particular batch. The normal period is 2 years.

Indefinitely, it is perfectly safe taken as recommended. You can take Du Zhong Tea as part of your ongoing weight management and as a healthy lifestyle choice.

No one can make definitive claims about this as each individual loses weight at different rates. Weight loss depends on issues such as lifestyle, how much extra weight you are carrying before you begin drinking Du Zhong Tea.Also, eating a healthy diet and participating in an exercise regime aids faster weight loss. Du Zhong Tea will help to enhance your weight loss management.It will help you reach your optimium weight - this is measurable by feeling energetic , healthy and full of vitality.

Du Zhong Slimming Tea has no known adverse side effects and can be safely used along with other Products and Proprietary medicine.

After a few days you will begin to feel more energy. Measurable weight loss will vary with each individual but within a couple of months use your weight should reduce or stabilise.

There are Scientific studies corroborating the health benefits of Du Zhong. Whilst they do not concentrate on Weight loss
the traditional texts understood weight control as an important result of it's use:

Eucommia was mentioned in the Shennong Bencao Jing (3):

Eucommia is acrid and balanced. It treats pain in the lower back and knees, supplements the center, boosts the essence qi, fortifies the sinews and bones, strengthens the will, and eliminates genital damp itch and dribbling urine.
Protracted taking makes the body light and slows aging.

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